YouTube TV’s DVR Is Unique | Why It Matters to You


It’s quite possible that the best feature with YouTube TV is the unlimited cloud DVR. But many users have complaints about one specific issue—sometimes you can or can’t fast-forward ads. We’re here to explain that.


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– Yes, it’s unlimited, so you don’t have to worry about recording limits – Shows are stored for 9 months
– On DVR specific content, you CAN fast-forward through commercials – Sometimes DVR content is replaced with On-Demand content (to save storage costs for YouTube) and on these versions, you CAN’T fast-forward through content.

Every time something is recorded, it takes up space on a server. Server space isn’t cheap, so to keep costs down, YouTube TV had to get creative.

So, instead of having thousands of people recording the same shows and taking up “private” server space which drives up costs, YouTube TV has certain content that moves to another server (the on-demand server or what we refer to in the video as the “shared” server) where it only has to store one copy and all its subscribers can access that content.

The downfall? On-demand versions have ads that you can’t fast-forward through.

All of this is to explain why YouTube TV does it this way. It’s how they give users an unlimited DVR for no additional cost.

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  1. SVS Productions 10 June, 2020 at 19:00 Reply

    the youtube DVR is HORRIBLE so far for me. Had youtube tv for 2 months. Lets say Im a few minutes late into a show and I hit record. It doesnt start recording like a normal DVR would. Instead it just ques it up to record every episode that appears AFTER the one im trying to record. I end up having to wait a day for it to become available on demand which defeats the purpose of me wanting to record. And if its something that never will repeat or appear on demand then Im screwed. Seems like being able to hit record on a live show and have it start recording from that point forward isnt too much to ask. Thats like the very basic function of any recording device. Besides all that theres no way to have it record ONLY new episodes. Kinda annoying when you have to sift through 25 reruns of ancient aliens in 1 week just to get to the new episode. Id rather have limited storage space than have to sift through a thousand episodes that I didnt intend to watch

  2. Dale Hansen 10 June, 2020 at 19:00 Reply

    Hi, I hope you or someone has the answer to this question. When fast forwarding on YouTube TV, there was always a window that shows a still picture of about where you are in the timeline of a program. Now I have the window, but no picture. How can I fix this issue?

  3. Old Goat 10 June, 2020 at 19:00 Reply

    I have movies saved to watch later and then found out they had like 9 commercials yellow bars each? I just unchecked them. Who wants to pay $50 a month and spend 2-3 mins to watch commercials every 10-15 mins?

  4. Joseph Dragan 10 June, 2020 at 19:00 Reply

    So then why does YOUTUBE TV not permit you to record a specific episode of let's say "The Simpsons" ????
    You wind up recording all the episodes whether you want them or not.

  5. Eric Jorgensen 10 June, 2020 at 19:00 Reply

    I have been using YTTV since July, 2019. It has worked for me very well until just the last few weeks (it's Feb 2020).

    I rarely watch anything on YTTV live. I DVR everything and often start watching a show before it has finished "airing". For example, I might start watching, at 7:45 PM, a show that starts at 7PM and ends at 9PM. I have been able to do that without issue on the channels I watch until recently. For the last few weeks, this has sometimes not worked, and I had to wait until the show finished "airing" until I can watch it. I say sometimes, because sometimes I can start watching before it has finished airing. When this is happening and I select "Watch from start", I just get an endless spinning circle.

    I spoke with YTTV customer service, and they told me this is the way it is supposed to work! They had no explanation for why I have been able to start watching a program from the beginning from July, 2019 until January, 2020 while it is still airing, and in our discussion it was obvious that the way the YTTV DVR works is complicated and confusing, even to their customer service people.

    Has anyone that is reading this also had this issue?

  6. Jason King 10 June, 2020 at 19:00 Reply

    YouTube TV DVR sucks. We have no control over single episodes, new or repeats, removing individual episodes after we watch them, and more. The issue isn't about recording space and unlimited DVR, nor the amount of time recordings remain. The issue is about organization, control, preference, clutter, and simplification. I don’t want Google controlling my space. I want to control my Library. Why have a bunch of unwanted and unnecessary shows, programs, and episodes to navigate through? And every time another episodes airs, new or repeat, that is yet another episode we have to navigate in the clutter of shows for the series.

  7. scrim67 10 June, 2020 at 19:00 Reply

    I just watched an episode of a series in my library and now I'd like to delete it

    Oops I can't

    Who thought this was a good idea?

  8. OffRoad 10 June, 2020 at 19:00 Reply

    The key to a great streaming service is being to skip commercials! Its simple, most people HATE commercials period. PS Vue was legendary in all aspects and a joy to use.

  9. Walter Newsome 10 June, 2020 at 19:00 Reply

    Unlimited DVR that ISN"T a real DVR! What good is a DVR when it records the new and reruns. It's trickery and insanity.

  10. bbudacious 10 June, 2020 at 19:00 Reply

    How do we fast forward through the commercials. This could be a deal breaker. They really need to fit this issue

  11. Penny Linford 10 June, 2020 at 19:00 Reply

    I just ordered youtube tv If I can't skip commercials I'm going to cancel. What is the best streaming program for enjoying network TV but also has the ability to skip commercials?

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