The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story


The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story is a documentary feature that tells the story of famed boy band impresario Lou Pearlman. The film tracks his life from his childhood in Queens, through discovering mega-bands *NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys, and chronicles his later life, including his perpetration of one of the largest Ponzi schemes in American history.

This is the first time this story has ever been told from the perspective of the people involved, from the Boy Band members themselves, to Ponzi scheme investors to Lou’s childhood friends. Interviewees include : Lance Bass, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick (NSYNC), AJ McLean (Backstreet Boys), Aaron Carter and Ashley Parker Angel (OTown).

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  1. Sandi Wood 3 June, 2020 at 05:10 Reply

    Everyone's saying how together Lance is – as far as I can tell the only one who isn't wasn't in either band. Aaron is the only one who feels and sounds and looks totally broken. All the rest of the guys sound like normal dudes.

  2. Sarah Balcom 3 June, 2020 at 05:10 Reply

    Damn I grew up in Florida and now I know all those modeling shows I was in at the mall were just free labor, and I didn’t even get to keep the clothes 😂 also I was constantly trying to get slimed/picked for shows at universal so I could be on tv

  3. Lauren Christie 3 June, 2020 at 05:10 Reply

    kids… that noise is a landline telephone ☎️ that is off the hook. Yes, they still exist.

    📝 Landline Telephone doesn’t use any electricity. So… it still works even if there’s a power outage.

  4. Lauren Christie 3 June, 2020 at 05:10 Reply

    Lance was always my favorite. I had the biggest crush on him. This was prior to Lance coming out. My friends somehow knew he was gay though. I dont know. He was just the one that was my favorite. He still looks great too.
    📝 How cute is Lance’s Mom?!?

  5. Lauren Christie 3 June, 2020 at 05:10 Reply

    I still remember TRL. Each weekday, it was either BSB or Nsnyc that was #1 followed by the other at #2

  6. ThatJohanna 3 June, 2020 at 05:10 Reply

    Watching this an hour in, I've come away with two major points. Aaron Carter for sure was touched by Lou Pearlman and clearly was using during the time of this recording. Lastly Brian Littrell was always my husband I'm proud he had the cojones to stand up to Lou.

  7. Kamandab 3 June, 2020 at 05:10 Reply

    Reminds me of the current president of the United States … The Consummate Conman. And half a nation is under his spell because they’re ignorant, fearful and racist.

  8. Garrielee Peck 3 June, 2020 at 05:10 Reply

    My heart goes out to these people .poor young women bless there hearts . They were all completely fucked over down to greed .power its never enough for some people

  9. Heather brooke 3 June, 2020 at 05:10 Reply

    Aaron needs some serious therapy, he's got some serious problems! I don't know if it's the drugs or what happened to him as a child

  10. Fer Xtrada 3 June, 2020 at 05:10 Reply

    Wow, ya lo había visto, pero esto realmente de deja el estómago vacío: el dinero siempre es el mismo, sólo se mueve de un lugar a otro y mientras alguien tenga mucho, siempre viene de quien menos te lo esperas y de quien más lo necesita… qué ser tan alejado de humanidad puede estafar a quienes han trabajado por años para conseguirlo… es cruel.

  11. Peter Piperman 3 June, 2020 at 05:10 Reply

    I would never trust a blimp with a necktie

    never ever sign any contract without at least one entertainment attorney taking a look at it
    That's why these creeps prey on children…if you think this whole scenario is the exception to the rule you are wrong this is very commonplace

    56:30 the Latino George Clooney
    Lou is an expert at push-ups😃😄😜🤨 apparently
    many young songwriters go to Nashville with their folder of songs and they end up missing
    Their songs aren't missing but they are😈👿

  12. Jenny Stark 3 June, 2020 at 05:10 Reply

    Another great documentary on Lou Pearlman is The Boyband Scam : Backstreet Boys and ‘NSync that explores the pedophelia angle

  13. Marnie Bryks 3 June, 2020 at 05:10 Reply

    Apparently something really tragic happened to Aaron Carter by this Pearlman character. His behaviour is so irrational.

  14. Realaw1 3 June, 2020 at 05:10 Reply

    I'm so naive. It wasn't until I saw this that I realized why Aaron Carter is so screwed up. Poor guy. You always think its the drugs that make people so messed up but its actually the things that have happened to them (they are just self-medicating with the drugs) that really screwed them up. Lou may have stoled a lot of peoples' money but he stole Aarons life.

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