The Adventures of the Darrington Brigade


Live from the Bass Concert Hall in Austin, TX, Taryon Darrington leads a troupe of unlikely miscreants through a dangerous journey in search of glory!

This one-shot takes place 10 years following the end of Campaign 1 and includes some Vox Machina spoilers.

Original character art by Aviv Or:

– Taryon Darrington and Doty miniatures by Steamforged Games:

– Darrington Brigade miniatures provided by Eldritch Foundry:

– Miniatures painted by Iron Tusk Painting:

CAPTION STATUS: CAPTIONED BY OUR EDITORS. The closed captions featured on this episode have been curated by our CR editors. For more information on the captioning process, check out:

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  1. Flando Maltrizian 5 June, 2020 at 08:50 Reply

    HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing

    2:55 Slash

    5:30 Cast intro

    7:15 Sam intro

    10:05 Sam pledges loyalty

    12:10 Karaoke intro cinematic

    14:00 Episode Starts

    18:10 Recap Ends, and everyone stares at eachother

    19:00 Tary’s intro

    22:00 The Owlbear intro

    23:30 Farriwen Breeze intro

    25:55 Hazel Copperpot intro

    27:30 Tary’s new books

    28:45 Hazel’s radio play (Marisha came prepared)

    31:40 Doty is obsolete

    32:55 Damion Vadoma’s intro

    35:20 Buddy’s intro

    36:20 Macaroni Samsonite’s intro

    38:20 Lionel’s reintroduction

    39:30 Engagement survey

    41:20 Tary is pretty

    44:20 Vox Machina’s initiation ceremony

    45:10 Owlbear vs. Farriwen

    47:40 F’rank Myller

    51:50 Owlbear is so gritty

    56:35 Should’ve seen Bear totem coming

    58:25 Copperpot vs. Buddy

    1:00:50 Buddy’s first experience with color

    1:13:30 This was so poorly organized

    1:14:30 Owlbear doesn’t need your heals

    1:15:50 Hazel tries to network

    1:16:55 Mac vs. Damion

    1:18:25 Mac starts things off right

    1:23:25 Bye, Ashley

    1:25:25 Tary comes clean

    1:27:35 Dog names
    1:29:05 Owlbear figures out his new cave

    1:31:10 Damion appreciates Tary’s mom

    1:32:15 Owlbear preaches justice

    1:33:00 Preview

    1:34:40 Owlbear hides

    1:38:15 Damion doesn’t actually know anything

    1:39:15 Mac knows how to write up the contract

    1:41:50 Tary does free signatures

    1:43:40 Lionel’s dreams

    1:44:40 Adventure for brunch

    1:45:30 An unnecessary whisper

    1:48:35 Competing recorder

    1:50:05 Owlbear stealth

    1:54:30 Owlsight (think about it)

    1:56:55 Buddy the telepath

    1:58:00 Farriwen is a portable fan

    1:59:35 Owlbear lowkey hates geese, and advocates vengeance

    2:01:05 Hazel the meat shield

    2:02:05 Owlbear is always hidden

    2:07:35 Hazel takes poetic license

    2:08:40 Break Starts

    2:19:50 Break Ends

    2:20:45 Map is out (you can snort a lot of things)

    2:23:40 Hazel holds up that rear

    2:25:20 Dire McGruff

    2:27:50 Taliesin suits up

    2:29:55 Macaroni on deck

    2:33:30 Micro-celebration

    2:34:50 Afterparty

    2:39:55 Inevitable 300 reference

    2:43:15 DM privileges

    2:44:05 Pyrotechnyics

    2:51:00 Best bear pun

    2:52:15 Ohana

    2:56:35 Average monking

    2:59:40 Matt lays down a rule judgement (he is correct)

    3:01:00 Batman

    3:02:25 Hazel makes it clap

    3:07:45 SWEAR TO ME

    3:08:10 HDYWTDT

    3:08:55 Rewriting history

    3:11:00 Duck senses

    3:13:30 The Brigadines

    3:16:40 Pipe of the Sewers is not very good

    3:21:40 Cavern map out

    3:24:10 Duckhemoth

    3:26:30 Battle begins

    3:30:35 Marisha has hit Liam many times

    3:31:35 Evil most foul

    3:40:45 Syllable inspiration

    3:51:15 DuckTentacles

    3:52:55 DuckTales jokes > bear jokes

    3:55:10 Can confirm: it is not

    3:58:00 Matt was hiding his duck noises the whole time

    4:01:00 Sam asks what we’ve all been wondering

    4:10:35 Damion is all about family

    4:11:10 Sentinel frustration

    4:13:35 Unconscious haste

    4:15:35 The first Foley artist, canon

    4:26:35 HDYWTDT

    4:29:25 Stone has passed

    4:30:10 Tary’s rights are unclear

    4:32:05 Honoring the fallen

    4:33:55 That concludes this adventure

    The in-game start date for the episode was some point in 826. Sam’s jersey says “69”

    Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

  2. Thehelmethead 5 June, 2020 at 08:50 Reply

    I love it when travis plays small characters, chutney, macaroni. Both are crazy and have small people syndrome.

    Owlbear is awesome too, you dont see many barbarian rogue's but if built right they can be pretty awesome

  3. FallingInAForest 5 June, 2020 at 08:50 Reply

    I'm absolutely living for Taliesin playing the stereotypical edgy rogue. I never thought I'd need it.

  4. Blue Rook 5 June, 2020 at 08:50 Reply

    My favorite thing about this is Liam and Travis sounding like Stitch and Pluto (From the Labyrinth) teamed up.

  5. Nat One DnD 5 June, 2020 at 08:50 Reply

    Something I noticed which is just so critical role – when Laura was making a point (incorrectly) Matt checked and corrected her without being condescending, and even though the cast was ribbing her and the crowd was laughing (good naturedly) Matt made sure to say "Good Looking Out!" so hopefully the player wont be dissuaded from asking something later. That is so important, you want to empower your players, not knock them down. We are in such good hands!

  6. Christopher Bacon 5 June, 2020 at 08:50 Reply

    I realized that the dire wolves are Matt's take on the screambeast from "Escape From the Bloodkeep" on Dimension 20 where he was a PC. Or at least that's my theory.

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