Marmoset Toolbag | 2020 Showcase


Each year we celebrate the Marmoset community with a video that shines a spotlight on a selection of marvelous artwork rendered in Toolbag. The artists showcased in this year’s video have demonstrated keen artistic and technical abilities, helping push the creative possibilities of Toolbag in rendering their 3D character, environment, and weapon art.

Level up your presentation skills with Toolbag 3:

Artist Credits:

Ackeem Durrant:
Argyris Nochos:
Artur Khachatryan:
Anson Weese:
Anton Kozlov:
Cem Tezcan:
Cody Alday:
David Zavala:
Eugene Petrov:
Jake Woodruff:
Jean Zoudi:
Juras Rodionovas:
Kyle Moody:
Mikhail Toropov:
Radek Kowalczyk:
Yulia Sokolova:
Zrinko Kozlica:

Video production by Mira Karouta: and Joe Wilson:
Music: Calm Hip Hop by TheStockBoy.


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