How To Set-up A Facebook Campaign In 15 Mintues – Building an Online Business Ep. 33


Watch this video before you set-up your first Facebook ads campaign to avoid this common mistake most first time Facebook advertisers make. You’ll want to insure you structure your account correctly so you don’t waste money on ads that generate no new customers.
In this episode of building a online business from scratch, you will learn how to set up your next Facebook campaign for maximum success. After reviewing more account than I can count, I’ve developed a very specific account structure you can use to stay organize and quickly cut off ads and targeting that aren’t performing.
Setting up your first campaign be nerve racking. I still get chills when I hit the “Place Order” button because I know my ad is about to shown to thousands of strangers and I don’t’ know how they will respond.
Since you don’t know how a new campaign is going to perform you want to make sure that you set-up your campaign in a way you can clearly identify what is working and what isn’t. Facebooks default settings of multiple ads in one ad group and lumping large audiences together makes it look so easy. To a certain extent, it really is that easy, utilize you start to analyze your results.
If you’re not careful, it completely possible to spend $2,000 and have no clue what ad or targeting is performing the best. It is an absolute mess. So, watch the video now to learn a simple account structure you can use to make your campaign creation and analysis process a breeze. Instead of digging through mountains of data trying to figure out “what happened” you’ll be able to know what worked and what didn’t in less than 30 seconds.

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  1. StaiberrConsulting 12 June, 2020 at 07:46 Reply

    LOVED the beginning where you break it all down and explain how it works but when you hopped into the computer i became very lost, i was hoping you'd show us how to break down after the first campaign

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