How to post a Facebook Video in the Comment thread


Would you like to see how to leave a Facebook Video Comment Live?
These are videos you leave directly under a Facebook Post. So let’s say you wanted to share your thoughts on a post you saw in your newsfeed…..
Instead of typing a whole bunch of text, you can now leave a video!
All you need is your smartphone.
WHY Videos?
Video is quickly becoming the most valuable tool for building your brand.
Because video allows you to deliver a complete communication that’s visual and relatable.
It will build those important emotional connections with people who are making decisions about you.
Did you know that by doing videos…you DOUBLE your chances of a prospect buying from you?
Here is a quick tutorial how to leave a video comment using nothing but your smartphone!


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  1. tara collins 28 May, 2020 at 20:36 Reply

    and so… what if you want to share a video that doesn't pertain to yourself which entails depth from other creators that have evolved beyond the age of 12 ?

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