How to AVOID Getting BANNED By Facebook Ads | Shopify Dropshipping – [SOLVED]


Ever had a Facebook ad account disabled? In this video I show you how you can solved and avoid getting your Facebook ads account banned so you can still run your Shopify dropshipping store.

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  1. Beast Of Ecom 3 June, 2020 at 18:48 Reply

    Did this help you? Have you ever had an ad account disabled? LET ME KNOW BELOW

    🔥 COMMENT plus #VALUEBOMBS to win $20

  2. Evi Christina 3 June, 2020 at 18:48 Reply

    My Facebook ad account got disabled TT TT it's awful! plse drop a like and share work so hard to make succeed and getting nowhere like this

  3. Michael Ferguson 3 June, 2020 at 18:48 Reply

    ✔️ Thank you for the video. Well explained. I yet want to add that if you guys got your accounts banned and feel the difficulty in creating more accounts, then you may get more accounts. Simply buy new Facebook accounts from a trusted supplier. From my experience is a fine store. I buy new Facebook accounts for business and advertising from them.

  4. Caroline Linda 3 June, 2020 at 18:48 Reply

    I got my Facebook account issues rectified with the help of Thecyberlord . c om they are professionals

  5. John Maverick 3 June, 2020 at 18:48 Reply

    My Facebook Ad account got Recovered by @cyberexpertfb on Instagram, DM him if he can help you too.

  6. NICESHOUT. DESIGNED FOR LIVES 3 June, 2020 at 18:48 Reply

    Great video. Really helpful. Do you review new stores on your channel. I’m new to all this dropshipping caper. So was wondering f you use or recommend any product research tools. Aka sell the trend l, ecomhunt etc. Keep the content coming. It’s awesome

  7. Jerry B 3 June, 2020 at 18:48 Reply

    Never Has every member in one crew been so diverse Tryin to outdo the last verse that I birthed that, is my curse

  8. Mr. Mr 3 June, 2020 at 18:48 Reply

    what do I do?

    28. Circumventing Systems


    Ads must not use tactics intended to circumvent our ad review process or other enforcement systems. This includes techniques that attempt to disguise the ad's content or destination page.


    Use unicode characters or symbols in ad text with the intent to obfuscate words or phrases

    Restrict Facebook’s access to an ad's destination page

    Attempt to create new advertising accounts after we enforce on existing accounts for violations of our policies

  9. Lavin Khan 420 3 June, 2020 at 18:48 Reply

    How about if i make new profile, can use my real info, name,county,date of birth etc, and use vpn every time if i log in to my fb account must use vpn? Thanks pls advise

  10. Gaurav Jha 3 June, 2020 at 18:48 Reply

    Sir whenever I create a new FB personal account and then create a new page and gets to facebook ad manager they blocks me says 'suspicious activity your account account is in review' why so?

  11. Drone Kingdom 3 June, 2020 at 18:48 Reply

    It beggars belief that this is not a priority subject amongst you tubers selling their million dollars dreams. This should be first and foremost when creating content.

    First thing not to do … follow a tutorial then go and open another Facebook account if you already have one. Facebook will ban you and not bother to tell you, no emails or anything.

    Facebook will then go through the accounts strip all the content, act like they are a bunch of hackers and then not say nothing, and hold a grudge everytime you open a Facebook account with the same name, device, and in the vicinity of a specific area.

  12. Andrew Kosinski 3 June, 2020 at 18:48 Reply

    Yeah this just happened to me, I shared my shopify URL to friends and family on my personal page and guess what got banned for that. Wtf

  13. Central de Tiendas 3 June, 2020 at 18:48 Reply


    I was watching your YouTube video about Disabled Ad Accounts. I appreciate the valuable content you have shared with us.

    Let me tell you my personal situation quickly. This message may seem somewhat long, but you can answer and help me quickly (I think it will take you less than 5 minutes).

    I will be eternally grateful if you answer me and help me with this. Here we go:

    Last week I started my e-commerce and made my first announcement on Facebook Ads. I decided to do an A / B test with 5 different audiences to see which one worked best.
    I sent the ad to review, and at that moment, Boom! Facebook disabled my Ad account (this is a personal Ad account).

    Luckily I followed the advice in this video:, and they enabled my personal Ad account. I mean, Facebook reviewed my Ad account, they told me that they had made a mistake, luckily they enabled the Ad account again. No doubt this sounds great.

    With this event in mind, please tell me what decision should i take regarding:

    1) I am going to create a Business Manager, do you recommend doing it from my personal profile? Or is it advisable to create a Business manager from a friend and to become an administrator? I really don't know who could ask that, if I could use my Business Manager I will be happy.

    2) About my website: it was created 3 months ago, it has no visitor history yet but it does have all the content (products, images, etc).
    Do you recommend creating a new website or using the old one?

    Advantages of creating a new one:
    – It was not used in the old personal Ad account.

    Disadvantages of creating a new one:
    – It will take me a long time since I have to manually upload more than 800 products. I will be happy if I can keep the old website.
    – It will be very recent while the previous one was created 3 months ago.

    3) About my Facebook Fan Page: It doesn't have “likes”, it doesn't have content either.
    Do you recommend creating a new Fan page or using the old one?

    Advantages of creating a new one:
    * It was not used in the old personal Ad account.
    Disadvantages of creating a new one:
    * It will be very recent while the previous one was created 3 months ago.

    4) Do you recommend changing IP? I can't change PCs, but I can change internet providers. This is something I can do, but if I can avoid it I would be happy.

    IMPORTANT: Remember that when I talked about the "disabled Ad account", I refer to the account that Facebook then reviewed and enabled me again. This account can be used without any problem at this time, but I will do everything from the Business Manager with a new Ad account (as everyone recommends).

  14. MiikeyKelly 3 June, 2020 at 18:48 Reply

    My ad account has been banned idk why I set up some £5 ads last night using the same creative as my running ad and my whole ad account has been shut down, I did send an engagement post to Asia is that bannable?

  15. bigbadwolfeinc 3 June, 2020 at 18:48 Reply

    Hi man. Hope you see this. My personal account got banned, do vpns still work when making a new account?

  16. Sammy A. 3 June, 2020 at 18:48 Reply

    By far the most helpful video on this topic on YouTube. Unfortunately, looks like my business manager account got banned, have to get all new accounts.. will take your advice, e-com is only about 1 thing, marketing. You don't have that, you're sure to fail

  17. Vivian Trinh 3 June, 2020 at 18:48 Reply

    Has anyone’s site URL been blocked and deemed “against community standard”?? What do you do? I can’t find any answers anywhere!

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