Facebook Groups for Business 👉 (27 Hacks and Tips)


So you finally started to focus on Facebook Groups for your business. Great! In this video, I’m going to share 27 different tips and hacks so that you can master Facebook marketing within your groups.

We’ll cover three specific areas:

1. Growing your group (0:48)
2. Increasing engagement within your community (3:09)
3. How to use your Facebook group as a tool within your business (11:49)

You’ll learn things such as how to get people to automatically join your group, how to utilize your group to build your email list, and even how to get the members of your group to tell you exactly what they’d want to pay for.

I’ve personally built several Groups on Facebook, and they’re an extremely powerful asset that you can have within your overall business. More than business and money, however, it’s a great way to really connect with your target audience and true fans, and a platform to test new ideas, pre-sell your upcoming products, and survey your target market so that you can remove the guesswork when it comes to what actions you need to take next.

Items and Resources Mentioned in this Video:

👉 The Smart Passive Income Community:

👉 Will It Fly:

👉 My email marketing tutorial:

👉 MeetEdgar: (note: this is an affiliate link and I do get a commission if you choose to go through this link)

And here’s a breakdown of where all of the specific tips are located within the video for your convenience:

Growing your group:

1. Make joining a part of a step-by-step process (0:51)
2. Put a call to action to join in your email signature (1:23)
3. Create a handy short link for your facebook group (1:44)
4. Mention that short link organically in your content (2:05)
5. Link multiple Facebook groups together (2:23)
6. Feature community members outside of the group (2:51)

Increasing engagement within your community:

7. Thank your most engaged community members (3:12)
8. Promote people to admin or moderator (3:32)
9. Publish behind the scenes content (4:09)
10. Propose a choice for your members to select (5:01)
11. Share an actionable, quick win (5:36)
12. Run a poll (6:02)
13. Start a debate (6:36)
14. Quiz your group members (7:05)
15. Go live on video (7:36)
16. Control spam with strategic posts (8:41)
17. Automate (9:51)
18. Show your members how to manage notifications (10:26)
19. Always be this (11:12)

How to use your Facebook group as a tool within your business:

20. Group insights (11:51)
21. Create a (more targeted) poll (12:35)
22. Crowdsourcing within your group (13:27)
23. Create events for upcoming launches (13:44)
24. Ask for volunteers (14:21)
25. Validate upcoming business ideas (14:50)
26. Build your email list from your group (16:03)
27. Setup onboarding questions for new members (16:52)

And lastly, be sure to answer in the comment section below: what are you struggling with right now? I’d love to help

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  1. The Bite Shot 28 May, 2020 at 15:23 Reply

    Pat, you're a generous genius!  Just put a few of these into place today…and surprise, surprise…they work! 😉  Thank you!

  2. Chris Witt 28 May, 2020 at 15:23 Reply

    Someone came to Socertese & asked him to teach them how to speak well. He didn't hesitate and respond back with "Before I teach you how to speak well, I must first teach you how to listen well." Listening doesn't refer to just can you hear noise coming from my mouth or did you not interrupt me while speaking but what do you think I meant when I said 'Dah Da dahhddahh da Dah?" Did you verbally hear me and how did you interpret what I just said? Tell me what you thought I just said. Listening is the best therapy. So long as the listener doesn't turn what they hear into weapons or ammunition for self-destructing others. De-structing them rather than Constructing and building up. And why did I just share this with you? I have no idea, but I was searching for the 1 entry box that asks: "What are you struggling with recently. Proverbs tells us there is wisdom in the counsel of many. But recently, I haven't even made it to the board of the advisor board. I don't know why I mentioned that either except I guess people seem to talk the most about what they miss or need the most. Okay, So. Here is your 1st test, did you hear what I just said (LOL) Repeat back to me what you think I … how did you interpret what I just said? Anybody?

  3. Aron G. Katz 28 May, 2020 at 15:23 Reply

    Do you know of a way or tool to export all members answers from my group questions that are made before admitting them? I ask for email and phone but as of now I do this manually into a google sheets and the bad thing is that once you approve them you lose that data. It still needs more tools to be honest

  4. Jeffry Fox 28 May, 2020 at 15:23 Reply

    I am struggling with creating an interactive bible study through fb groups in which I have prerecorded short summary youtube videos and an online bible devo available through blueletterbible.org. Thank you for your helps.

  5. Leonor O 28 May, 2020 at 15:23 Reply

    Why everybody talks about their group when they have a thousands of people in there I just started a group and people don’t engage much because there is not enough people, what to do for them to engage when you don’t have a thousand that’s my question

  6. GAR PAUL 28 May, 2020 at 15:23 Reply

    Great content Patt. Especially that part which asks what's your biggest challenge. Am starting a group. So far has only 5 members. I decided to help provide members with free legit online sites where they could join and earn from. I promise to do this everyday. I have liked some of your times n I think some of them are gonna work.

  7. eddy solola 28 May, 2020 at 15:23 Reply

    I started a group, i see I am admin, if I make another person admin can they without my permission delete me? I dont see editors role, and the moderators role has very little freedom. I have 2 people to help me but they ask to be admins. I am the owner of the group. What can I do?
    I cant seem to find the needed info on this.

  8. Stephen Brodsky 28 May, 2020 at 15:23 Reply

    Pat, great, well organized marketing video focusing on using FB groups. A few suggestions. Slow down and cover less topics. I'm no marketing pro like you, but why make one video covering everything under the sun in 2 minutes when you can make 2 videos covering same topics with more time for audience to absorb. Few Milinneals will keep up but most 'average joes' will fall behind and lose the big picture. Take a chill pill and slow down. Do niche type videos like how do these tips apply to plumbing contractors, criminal defense lawyers, exotic dance club owners etc… Thanks for showing me things I never knew about. Peace out and stay well, brother. BTW, I'm a disabled vet. Don't forget us. Okay? We put our butts on the line for your freedom.

  9. The Money Friends 28 May, 2020 at 15:23 Reply

    Hey Great Content! Have You Seen this free organic Traffic software for facebook. https://themoneyfriends.com/socialmediatoolkit

  10. sydney tebele 28 May, 2020 at 15:23 Reply

    Thanks for these great tips. 2020 im still using some of these tips. Just created a group called "Learning with your kids ". Testing your tips/techniques to grow the group and see which work for me.

  11. thenaturalbodyworks 28 May, 2020 at 15:23 Reply

    Can you go to another group (On Facebook) and message members (that you may or may not be friends on Facebook) to have them know about your group? like an invite?

  12. Tim B. Green 28 May, 2020 at 15:23 Reply

    I'm struggling with finding a community online or off that is ACTUALLY interested in helping each other. One where offering help isn't treated with suspicion and skepticism and equally one where receiving help without having to first fulfill THEIR agenda for you as a community member. Everyone talks about service, paying it forward…but in truth most want something before giving anything.

  13. riqui mandel 28 May, 2020 at 15:23 Reply

    Hi Pat, Thank you for your insights! Here is my question: I accidentally clicked on "hide" Suggested Members from my page on a related group. How can unhide the Suggested Members list?

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